Unique Registered Owner and Company Identification Number Scheme –
Permitted Use of Numbers.

  1. The IMO Registered Owner and Company Numbers are available free of any charge from this web site. They are also distributed freely by IHS Markit to Flag Administrations.
  2. Free distribution and use of numbers is permitted, subject to paragraph 4 & 5 (herein).
  3. Flag Administrations are reminded of the following text from IMO Circular Letter 2554:
    'IHS Markit operates under ISO 9001:9002 quality assurance and is ISO certified for the provisions of publishing and information services to the shipping industry. In order to maintain the integrity of the Numbers in circulation amongst the maritime community, The Administrations should, to the extent allowed by their law, not publish these Numbers, or allow the Numbers to be viewed or downloaded from their web-sites, other than on a company-by-company basis.'
  4. Whilst free access via the web site using a manual search on a company by company basis is permitted, access by any other means such as automatic extraction or downloading software is strictly forbidden. IHS Markit reserve the right to monitor and block web site access where usage patterns indicate non-legitimate or inappropriate use; or the use of the information directly or indirectly may violate any laws or proprietary rights.
  5. The Unique IMO Registered Owner and Company Identification Number Scheme utilises the maritime Databases of IHS Markit. The IMO Registered Owner and Company Numbers are the result of past and ongoing data collection, data research and database activities of IHS Markit. The intellectual property rights in the Numbers belong to IHS Markit. Other than the IMO or Flag Administrations, it is not permitted to use these Numbers in any commercial database, commercial web-site or commercial data product, nor to distribute the Numbers for commercial gain, without the prior written agreement of IHS Markit.